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The Lian Original Discord Program

You always want to stay up to date, be informed about products, before they are officially announced and receive invitations to events from Lian Original? Then join the Lian Original Discord Server today. There you will find:
- Chat rooms
- A buy-sell channel where Lian Original products can be traded.
- Announcements of new products
- A VIP program with gifts and higher discounts.
- Information about Lian Original Events (+excl. events for our VIPs)
And much more…

JOINING THE LIAN ORIGINAL DISCORD SERVER IS COMPLETELY FREE and only available to Lian Original customers. Should you be needing more information about our customer program, just visit the Membership Page or send us an email to info@lianoriginal.com.

How can I join

You can join the Program here:

What is Discord

Discord is a messaging, chatting and video calling app. It has similar functions like WhatsApp but can do even more and better. The program app is available for smartphones as well as for computers. Videos, pictures and documents can be shared with your community. If you are shopping and want to share your experience with the members of your community, Discord provides the perfect platform.

No discord yet?

Download Discord on your PC or smartphone now!
To do this, follow this link:

We look forward to seeing you soon on Discord!

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